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Kari-Lyn A. Lannert

Human Resource Director

Kari-Lyn A. Lannert is the Director of Human Resources for Odyssey Hotels. Kari-Lyn has a BA in Communication from Mount Mary University. While working as a manager for a luxury retail brand, she found that she enjoyed interviewing candidates, running payroll, and handling employee relation issues. She pursued a career in Human Resources in 2017 and since then exceled in her roles from HR Assistant to HR Generalist, managing 3 HR Assistants, she solved recruitments challenges, streamlined onboarding procedures, developed and implemented internship programs throughout the company, updated safety procedures including Lock Out, Tag Out policies, and updated training documents. In 2020, Kari-Lyn maintained the workforce of over 200 employees for an essential company, writing and rewriting policies to keep the employees safe and healthy. In 2021, she took on the role of Director of Human Resources at the company and in that role Kari-Lyn focused on the professional and personal growth of her team, teaching them leadership skills, helping them identify their strength and weaknesses and providing them resources to help with their career development.  

Kari-Lyn's personal approach to challenges is to gather information, analyze from every angle and possible outcome, and then determine the best way to proceed.

Kari-Lyn enjoys spending time with her 2 active daughters who participate in ballet, gymnastics, rock climbing, Girl Scouts, and swimming. Kari-Lyn enjoys traveling, and while in school studied abroad in Italy, China, and Guatemala, working with the Clean Water Project. She also helped with missions in Mazatlan Mexico. She is a Sunday School teacher. She contributes to her church and contributes to a number of charities including EQUIP Leadership, Inc., Above the Clouds, Bible Study Fellowship, and Paul Tsika Ministries' Restoration Ranch. She reads daily, books on leadership, personal development, and parenting.  

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